Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Services
Land of Fantasy Company Limited
  1. Warp Ticket
    1.1 Warp Gate Pass
    The company will issue a card through the portal. Electronic (Warp Ticket) to members after payment via QR CODE or the company's payment method. has been approved
    1.2 Booking
    You will receive a ticket through the portal. Electronic (Warp Ticket) at the menu "My E-voucher". You must make a reservation specifying First name-surname, phone number, choose a place, specify the date of service, choose a time and press confirm to confirm your visit to LOF LAND by pressing the calendar button (bottom right corner of Warp Ticket ). Tickets are valid for 2 years from the date of purchase.
    1.3 Activating the Warp Ticket
    Press the "Activate" button Qr code to scan through the portal when you want to check-in at the LOF LAND project page only. Once you press "Activate", this Qr code is valid for 30 minutes only.
    1.4 Warp Ticket Benefits
    Use it as a ticket to pass through the portal to the wonderland. Check-in point. Take cool photos with the view of the Grand Canyon, Chonburi. Travel in Thailand like going abroad. In a private atmosphere with no time limits, open from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and you can bring your Warp Ticket to exchange for 1 drink* at Cliff Cup Cafe (according to the participating menu). Cliff Cup Cafe will close orders. at 5:00 p.m.

    2. Ticket fee through the warp gate
    2.1 Ticket fee for the warp gate
    The entrance fee for the warp gate for LOF MEMBER members is 300 baht/person (normally 600 baht).
    2.2 Children
    Children not taller than 120 centimeters, free of charge

    3. Changing the details of accessing the service
    The portal ticket can be postponed or changed on the date. By notifying the staff via the Call Center 061-038-2255 at least 24 hours in advance.

    4. Payment
    When you complete the payment for the ticket through the portal. You will receive a ticket through the portal. Electronic (Warp Ticket) in the "My E-voucher" menu in case you did not receive it. Electronic (Warp Ticket) You need to keep proof of payment. To contact the company via Messenger, Facebook LOF LAND or through the Call Center 061-038-2255 to investigate in such cases.

    5. Compliance with Regulations
    As LOF LAND is an outdoor area along the cliff of Grand Canyon, Chonburi, please read the warning signs and strictly follow the rules and instructions of the staff. In case of danger due to tourists not following the warning signs or various dangerous spots, LOF LAND is not responsible for any damage, so everyone is requested to strictly follow

    6. Unaccompanied Children
    The company reserves the right not to allow children under 12 years of age to visit LOF LAND, except to visit LOF LAND with people under 12 years of age who can take care of themselves and children under 12 at all times

    7. Regulations
    7.1 Commercial use of the premises
    Using the filming location Or any commercial activities, please inform staff via Messenger, Facebook LOF LAND or via Call Center 061-038-2255
    7.2 Prohibited items
    Company objects has been considered to be weapons such as firearms, imitation firearms, swords, knives, weapons by nature or by non-weapon conditions but may be used as weapons and or objects of a similar nature Not allowed to import LOF LAND
    7 .3 Pets
    The company reserves the right not to allow passengers to bring pets to LOF LAND in all cases.

Return Policy
Return or refund policy is something you should notify customers of before and after purchase, topics are as follows:

  1. Refund Policy
    The company reserves the right to reserve the reservation via online system. in not accepting the return of goods in cash in all cases Except due to the mistake of the company, can be considered on a case by case basis as appropriate.

    2. Repayment
    2.1 General chapter
    In the event that the company Service cannot be provided due to force majeure. due to the company Warp or compensation passes are other benefits. to you in accordance with the provisions of this Article and according to the aviation regulations of the company for any other case Which appears in these terms and conditions, the company will not refund the card through the warp gate. when requested
    2.2 Person to be refunded
    The company will reimburse the person who pays for the card through the warp gate. The said person must provide the original proof of payment or any other documents. issued by your service provider bank To be confirmed with the company, the company will pay the money back within 30 days.
    2.3 Action steps
    Submitted along with proof of payment as well as any other documents as requested by the Company as specified by the Company.
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