Digital platforms play a role in this journey to uphold our primary mission of promoting "Digital Tourism Innovation" to enhancing digital literacy skills in the dynamic digital age accordingly digital vouchers are a key functionality of our digital platform.

We offered the products and services in the form of digital products, Which are systematically categorized into 2 groups based on usage patterns: Digital voucher group and Digital asset group.
Digital Voucher Group

Warp Ticket 
The right of redemption to visit various attractions. Including Privileges from business partner (*according to participating sources)


Rental Space Ticket
The right of redemption to space rental services of Portraits, Pre-wedding photos, Meeting or Seminar, Commercial product advertisement, Private Event such as Teambuilding, Weddings, Birthday parties or family activities.


Special Event Ticket
The right of redemption the ticket for Exclusive events, Music Concert, Live Concert, Fan Meeting, Cinema ticket.

Loyalty Ticket
The right of brand loyalty collectible as a symbol of loyalty branded, Loyalty points can be redemption for licensed collection products, Limited edition products and premium products.

Digital Asset Group

LOF LAND TOKEN (Utility Token)
Digital tokens for leverage to access and acquire products, services and privileges through LOF Ecosystem.

Available on
XT.COM Exchange
NFT (Non-Fungible Token)
Digital arts in the form of digital tokens for acquiring ownership of digital products to certify the ownership of the owner unique can not repeat and works based on blockchain technology at the centralized system (Decentralized)

Available on (NFT marketplace)
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