Digital Tourism Business Matching

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Digital Tourism Business Matching

LOF LAND is participating in the Digital Tourism Business Matching event, "Open City," promoting Thai tourism through digital platforms. ThailandCONNEX, in collaboration with the Digital Economy Promotion Agency (depa), is organizing this event to support tourism businesses in utilizing digital technology to connect with global travelers.

ThailandCONNEX serves as a digital infrastructure that the government will use to drive the domestic tourism industry, including accommodations, transportation, tourist attractions, travel activities, and health services. By joining this system, businesses will have increased opportunities to reach global tourists with lower costs and greater convenience.

ThailandCONNEX will act as a centralized platform, gathering tourism products and services from all over Thailand and marketing them to tourists through both offline and online travel agents. In the past, LOF LAND has successfully marketed its products by participating in international exhibitions such as the Arabian Travel Market in Dubai and the International Business Matching 2023 in the United States and Canada, attracting significant interest from participants and international tourists. 

As a private sector business, LOF LAND is committed to driving the digital tourism industry in line with the company's vision of promoting "Digital Tourism Innovation."

Information source: ThailandCONNEX

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