Land of Fantasy Company Limited

was founded on 9th Febuary 2015

with a registered capital of 100,000,000 baht.
Nowadays, blockchain technology has come to play an increasingly significant role in terms of bringing it to businesses in a variety of industries.

The company has recognized the importance of enabling people to access and utilize the benefits of blockchain technology. By emphasizing the growth of infrastructure ecosystems, the interaction between the natural environment and technical breakthroughs, and the distribution of opportunities in the period of business development with technology, it produces a business model in the form of "integrating to achieve equilibrium." According to Mr. Yuthachai Phukhanthasom (Board of Directors), who developed this business model and transferred it to the New-Generation Manager, which includes Ms. Jeeranun Phukhanthasom (CEO) and Ms. Waraporn Damrongkarnpanich (COO). 

And in the beginning of 2021, has started to create a prototype area. Develop into the empire of the innovative city of the future in the name of LOF LAND under the concept "Warp Gate to the land of fantasy" on an area of ​​over 24 rai with a budget of 500 million baht, which the project has opened for service in Phase 1. in June 2022 and is expected to complete both Phase 2 and Phase 3 by 2024.


To promote “Digital Tourism Innovation”

Distributing opportunities in the age of business development through valuable technology advances, allowing users to access, communicate, and co-create, connecting real - world experience with cutting-edge fantasies in a virtual parallel universe

The gateway to the Land of Fantasy is uncovered by CHEWA

 C = Connecting  
A harmonious combination between digital technology and the physical world.

H = Heart 
The act of coloring the soul expresses the notion of generating spiritual wonders and values.
E = Empire 

Aim for the development of the empire of the future innovative city.

W = Warp 
Traveling at a speed that is equivalent to the speed of light in a shorter amount of time means that one can teleport instantly across multiple dimensions.

A= Astronaut 
Astronauts are comparable to the feasibilities of discovery given that they are dedicated to development over time.

Project Progress 2021

This area and around it was an old stone quarry 100 years ago that used to be a large pit more than 30 meters deep, which is now being developed into another tourist attraction. known by the people Grand Canyon Chonburi
In the beginning of 2021, the past has started to adjust the landscape of more than 24 rai in order to prepare for the construction of LOF LAND under the concept of "The Warp Gate to the Land of Fantasy"
At the end of 2021, work on the foundation structure part began. (Footing) to create the most innovative architecture that will happen on the grounds of LOF LAND

Project Progress 2022

In early 2022, the construction and planning of the landscape work area (Landscape) that combines nature. and the advancement of technology together
June 1, 2022 Opening a private area for LOF Members to experience the cutting-edge experience of LOF LAND.
15 % Monthly progress : October 2022 
In the process of construction of foundations, piers, beams GB/1, GB/2 in phase 2, construction of the most advanced architecture of the future (Smart Building)

A     Project progress 100%

B     Project progress 30%  Expected to complete by 2022

C     Project progress 20%  Expected to complete by 2023

D     Project progress 15%  Expected to complete by 2024

E     Project progress 5%   Expected to complete by 2023

F     Project progress 5%   Expected to complete by 2024


 Ms.Jeeranun Phukhanthasom
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) 


Ms.Waraporn Damrongkarnpanich
Chief Operating Officer (COO)


Mr.Thanarat Kuawattanaphan


 Mr.Dome Charoenyost


Mr.Kosin Prissananon


 Mr.Chaichat Gettangman
 Head of Financial 


 Ms.Sarinya Simoung
 Excutive Secretary 


Ms.Chonlada Suropunt

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